Blue Wins Out As The Most Popular Color Crayon and Colored Pencil

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Crayons have been a favorite of children for over a hundred years. Ever since the first Crayola® crayons were introduced back in 1903, children around the globe have been making the world around them come alive through their pictures and drawings. America’s most popular crayon color is one of Crayola’s original colors, the color blue.

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Crayola® alone has around 15 different shades of blue, not including the shades of blue they have retired over the years. There are probably very few people in the world who haven’t used a blue crayon or blue pencil at least once in their lifetime.

Think about it. Blue is the color of the sky. Blue is often used when drawing the ocean. Blue can be used to color people’s eyes. It can be used to show someone is feeling blue. Blue flowers, blue balloons, blue moon, blue presents under the tree, etc. Blue can be used to portray so many different images and emotions, no wonder it’s the most popular color.

There have been many different varieties of blue over the years including (but not limited to): blue, blizzard blue, cobalt blue, periwinkle, turquoise blue, cornflower, cadet blue, sky blue, blue bell, blue green, cerulean, denim, indigo, midnight blue, navy blue, pacific blue, robin egg blue and more.

Also, just take a look at this particular blue crayon. It is the world’s largest crayon weighing in at 1500 pounds! We hope you enjoy our collection of blue crayons and colored pencils. What’s your favorite colored crayon?

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