Waking Up to a Beautiful Morning

There’s nothing quite so wonderful as waking up to a beautiful morning. A light snow dusting the trees in the yard. The sun casting a inviting glow on the world, almost tempting me to venture outside and explore what nature has to offer. The crisp, cool morning air. One deep breath and I’m hooked. Maybe I’ll grab a cup of coffee and come back out to enjoy more of this beautiful morning.

Image By Denis Collette…!!!

You Bet I’m Filthy and I’m Loving It

Woo-hoo! You bet I’m filthy and I’m loving it! There is nothing like playing in the yard at grandma’s house. Mom doesn’t let me do this at home, but grandma always says “Kids will be kids” and I have to go with grandma on this one. Besides, dirt don’t hurt. What’s the fun of being a kid if you can’t explore, have adventures and get dirty? I love being a kid.

Image By DLR