You Bet I’m Filthy and I’m Loving It

Woo-hoo! You bet I’m filthy and I’m loving it! There is nothing like playing in the yard at grandma’s house. Mom doesn’t let me do this at home, but grandma always says “Kids will be kids” and I have to go with grandma on this one. Besides, dirt don’t hurt. What’s the fun of being a kid if you can’t explore, have adventures and get dirty? I love being a kid.

Image By DLR

A Child Quietly Enjoying the Beauty of Nature

There is so much talk these days about urban children no longer being connected with nature. Natural parks, forests, streams and green pastures are things you find in rural areas, not in the city. It’s an unfortunately but true fact of life. That’s why it is so precious to see a child quietly enjoying the beauty of nature. A simple flower to bring a smile to a child’s face and forever instill a love of nature in her heart.

Image By kneffphotography