You Bet I’m Filthy and I’m Loving It

Woo-hoo! You bet I’m filthy and I’m loving it! There is nothing like playing in the yard at grandma’s house. Mom doesn’t let me do this at home, but grandma always says “Kids will be kids” and I have to go with grandma on this one. Besides, dirt don’t hurt. What’s the fun of being a kid if you can’t explore, have adventures and get dirty? I love being a kid.

Image By DLR

A Child Quietly Enjoying the Beauty of Nature

There is so much talk these days about urban children no longer being connected with nature. Natural parks, forests, streams and green pastures are things you find in rural areas, not in the city. It’s an unfortunately but true fact of life. That’s why it is so precious to see a child quietly enjoying the beauty of nature. A simple flower to bring a smile to a child’s face and forever instill a love of nature in her heart.

Image By kneffphotography

A Moment of Nostalgia for the Innocence of Youth

We’ve all experienced it at one point or another in our lives. That brief moment when we feel a touch of nostalgia for the innocence of youth. Whether it happens while looking at childhood photos, while speaking with family members or perhaps while visiting the town where we grew up, that feeling of nostalgia fills our hearts and gives us a quick glimpse into the past. A memory and longing for the innocence of youth.

Image By ~Oryctes~

A Father’s Love

The first time he holds their hand you can see it. Their tiny little hand clinging tightly onto his. The love he feels. A father’s love. The emotions running strong through his veins. The reality of fatherhood just beginning to sink in. It’s amazing to see that such a tiny hand can create such a large impact. Holding onto daddy’s fingers for the first time. Learning, seeing, feeling the unbreakable bond between father and child.

Image By arijit-saha

Giving Children the Freedom to Wander

Have you ever been told to tread lightly? To walk as if you were walking on egg shells? Maybe that applies to certain circumstances. However when it comes to children, they need the freedom to be adventurous. The freedom to explore nature and the world around them. Yes, we can set limits. Yes, we can offer our advice. But when it all comes down to it, we just have to teach them well and watch them grow. It really is all about giving children the freedom to wander, explore and to live life.

Image By D Sharon Pruitt

Happiness Can Be Found In A Game Of Hopscotch

We all do it. We get so wrapped up in our lives that we forget to stop for a moment, look around, enjoy the scenery and live life as if each moment mattered. Because each moment does. It isn’t until something bad happens that we tend to review our lives and see what we can change or wonder what we should have changed before. Perhaps if we looked to children for our example. They live life in each moment. Interested in exploring and experiencing every step. And happiness? Well, simply put…happiness can be found in a game of hopscotch. So hop up on one foot and get out there and play!

Image By Pink Sherbet Photography

Trying to Capture the Moon

Every day I wait. Patiently sitting on the end of our wharf, hoping tonight will be the night. The night when I finally capture the moon. I’ve been trying to capture the moon for weeks now. To be honest, this is probably the closest I’ve ever come to snagging it in my fishing net. Let’s see…if I can reach it right before the clouds roll over, I just might have a chance. Here I go!

Image By kanelstrand

The Innocence of a Child’s Curiosity

Nothing beats the innocence of a child’s curiosity. Witnessing a child experience something for the first time, is like watching them open a trunk filled with magical wonders. Their eyes light up, a smile begins to form on their face and you can all but see the excitement building up inside them. Oh, to have the innocence and curiosity of youth again!

Image By violscraper

Books Always Have New Surprises In Store

One of the wonderful things about books is they always have new surprises in store. Simply opening the pages of a book can lead you into a whole new world. The sights you can see, the adventures to be had, between the words on the page and the extent of your imagination, not even the sky can limit you. Turn the page and you’re ready to go.

Image By h.koppdelaney

Crayons Hold More Magic Power Than You Thought

When you’re a kid, the wonder of crayons never falters. Crayons can turn any ordinary piece of paper into a colorful work of art. But I’ll let you in on a little secret, crayons actually hold more magic power than you thought. Maybe it’s their ingredients (although I’m sure the makers won’t admit to anything), or maybe it’s simply magic transferred to the crayons from the children themselves. Either way, watch the next time a child draws with crayons…it is truly magical.

Image By evoo73