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Rubber Duckie Does DiGi Commercials

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Bridal Bouquets: What Color Should You Choose?

Your wedding is getting closer and one of the questions on your mind is what color should you choose for your bridal bouquet? Traditional bridal bouquets have always been pastel colors such as pink or lavender. White and ivory were common as well. But today, wedding bouquets can be a lot more colorful.  Choice is no longer limited to the color or type of flowers that are used for the bouquet.

White, Cream and Ivory flowers are the perfect colors to choose for any winter wedding, although they really can be used for any season. They symbolize innocence and purity. Some flowers that can be naturally found in those colors include roses, lily-of-the-valley, hydrangea, peony, chrysanthemum, jasmine, orchid and gardenia.

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Lavender and Pink flowers are often used in spring and summer weddings. Pink represents happiness and romance, while lavender symbolizes love at first sight and a very deep love. Some flowers that have lavender or pink hues include roses, orchids, hydrangea, hyacinth, iris, peony and calla lilies.

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Blue flowers are perfect for any wedding season and are a sign of calm and peace. Natural blue flowers are limited but many flowers can be dyed to obtain the desired color. Some flowers that are naturally blue are hyacinth, hydrangea and delphinium.

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Red flowers are typically used for summer or winter weddings. They portray love, passion and romance. Some naturally red flowers are roses as well as tulips, gladioli and Gerber daisies.

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Yellow and Orange bridal bouquets are mostly used in spring or fall. They represent joy and happiness. Some typical flowers that can be found in yellow and orange bridal bouquets are roses, daffodils, Gerber daisies, carnations, peony, chrysanthemums, calla lilies and even sunflowers depending upon the season.

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Mixed Color bouquets are no longer a thing of the past. A bride can mix and match colors to suit her personal preference without it meaning anything more to her than “I like it”. Colors can be pastel or bold, complimentary or contrasting. A bouquet can contain many different flower types and colors and can be traditional or modern in nature.

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Caesar: How to Make and Serve

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Rubber Ducky Animated Short

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Dirty Martini: How to Make and Serve

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Green Apple Martini: How to Make and Serve

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