Anniversary Flowers: Giving The Right Flower Makes A Difference

daisy daisies anniversary flowers

Anniversary gifts are a traditional expression of love. Just as the right flower is a must for any wedding, the traditional anniversary flower shows how much you truly care.

Traditional anniversary gifts such as paper for a first anniversary, cotton for a second anniversary, silver for a twenty-fifth anniversary, gold for a fiftieth anniversary, etc. are relatively well known. But are you familiar with what flower is traditionally given at what anniversary?

Here are some anniversaries and the flowers that are considered traditional anniversary gifts:

1st Anniversary: Pansy or Carnation
These 1st year anniversary flowers symbolize joy, happiness and a renewed commitment to the years ahead.

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2nd Anniversary: Cosmos or Lily of the Valley
These 2nd year anniversary flowers indicate happiness and true devotion.

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3rd Anniversary: Fuschia or Sunflower
These 3rd year anniversary flowers are often said to indicate strength, loyalty and warmth.

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4th Anniversary: Geranium or Hydrangea
These 4th year anniversary flowers are meant to symbolize gratefulness, admiration and pride.

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5th Anniversary: Daisy
This 5th year anniversary flower is meant to express purity and innocence. The daisy’s petals are also meant to indicate someone is full of virtue (e.g. the person has as many virtuous quality’s as the daisy has petals).

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Image by GabaGaba

10th Anniversary: Daffodil
The daffodil is a symbol of renewal. A renewal of love and commitment.

Image by Muffet

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15th Anniversary: Rose
Roses symbolize love, romance, hope and passion. The perfect anniversary flower to show how much you are in love and that the passion is still alive and well in your marriage.

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25th Anniversary: Iris
The iris is said to combine many qualities in one…faith, wisdom, hope and a promise for the future.

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50th Anniversary: Violets (sometimes a yellow rose/violet combination)
Two different flowers are often used to celebrate this momentous occasion. The yellow rose is said to signify the beauty of a long and prosperous marriage. The violet symbolized virtue, faithfulness and the commitment that brought the couple through 50 years of marriage. Here’s to many more happy years ahead!

Image by wikimedia

Image by wikimedia

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