Sunday, September 11th
Death on the Rim Grand Canyon National Park Arizona  flagstaff spring march photography  rim world  high lake  arrowhead california  marshall winter snow warm  cold  death  blue read yellow orange  pink green  photoshop  tree dirt vacation  meteror  shower  wonder mother nature travel tourist awesome shot reflect peace life

Life Will Move On At Grand Canyon National Park

Nature has a way of growing, changing, and adapting to the world around it. Even when one tree dies, somewhere, another tree is ready to take its place. If we simply open our eyes we will see the wonders Mother Nature so graciously provides. As long as we don't destroy it, nature will be able to take its course. Just ...
Sunday, September 11th
Lonely tree blue sky single lovely meaningful alone white cloud silhouette sunrise sunset explore photoshop beautiful light one mimimal photograph picture number shadow

Never Knowing What Tomorrow Brings

Another day has come and gone. The memories may fade away with the setting sun, but in our hearts they last forever. The day itself was filled with life, happiness and energy, but now it is time to say goodbye. Time to watch the sun set below the horizon. The only thing left to see is the lone tree. Forever ...
Wednesday, September 7th
riding bikes without front tires can be dangerous funny yellow diamond sign caution travel humour humor street sidewalk pothole beware be warned warning ride person man Portland OR Oregon USA United States of America cycling rail track rail road stick figure peril northwest warning

Warning For People Riding Bikes Without Front Tires

Although some people may see the adventure in it, we don't recommend it. Even the caution signs around town warn against it. We understand that may not be enough to stop you. Maybe you're a thrill seeker and looking for where you are going to get your next adrenaline rush. Regardless of what your reason may be, we think you ...
Wednesday, September 7th
people on streets of Manila Philippines color colour colourful colorful full many umbrella hot kid family poor happy sign barbed wire caution be careful travel tourist outdoor outside trip holiday vacation journey asia man peeing play playing girl boy mother father architecture motorbike motorcylce bike cart pull cover  around the world

A Typical Day on the Streets of Manila

One of the great things about traveling is all the sights you can see and the places you can visit. Historical or not, every destination has a story behind it. If you're simply looking to hang out at the popular tourist spots, then you may miss out on the best parts of a city. Take this one for example...if you ...
Wednesday, August 31st
there is no truth there is only preception Triora Liguria Italy IT sunrise sunset beautiful mother nature gold yellow blue grey sky mountain hill travel tourist Madame Bovary Gustave Flaubert View photos from this member or from everyone tramonto colori riflessi montagna mountain natura nature Italy liguria imperia triora cima water acqua illusion art poetry gustave flaubert Madame Bovary poem poesia amore love romance passion romantico testo damien rice music song the blower's daughter landscape paesaggio tearsandrain

Mother Nature’s Beauty Is Only What You Perceive It To Be

Mother Nature's beauty can be seen all around you. All you need to do is open your eyes and you'll be able to see the true magic she is able to create. But nature is only what you perceive it to be, is it not? As Gustave Flaubert put it, "There is no truth. There is only perception." How do ...
Wednesday, August 31st
valley farm West Wratting Balsham England GB red farm tractor mccormick mtx 150 dirt soil land white dark cloud telephone family green pasture food road chalk pits agriculture photoshop mother nature outdoor eat healthy grow natural travel tourist

Farming with the Big Red Tractor

There are many places in the world where farming is a way of life. It is not uncommon to see farmers up before the crack of dawn, plowing fields and tending to their crops. To an outsider it may look like hard work and not much fun, but when you've been farming since you were just a tyke, it becomes ...
Monday, August 29th
I can see my house Calgary tower Alberta Canada CA glass floor kid boy child pointing happy hyatt hotel tourist travel tourism view sight seeing tall no fear fearless 530' feet tower vertigo altitude height brave above the streets

Hey Look Mom! I Can See Our House From Here!

Hey look mom! I can see our house from here! Come on mom, it's not scary. It's only 53 feet off the ground, or was that 530 feet? Either way, just come look how far you can see out over the city. Wow! I have to tell you, this was the best day ever...who knew the Calgary Tower would be ...
Monday, August 29th
Icy Landscape Old Bend OR blue sky water white snow tree ice Deschutes River Oregon travel tourist beautiful beauty awesome relax peaceful winter barn cloud United States of America

Chilling Out with the Morning Sun

No matter where you live, whether you are experiencing wind and rain, scorching heat or the icy breath of Mother Nature herself, there is something extremely peaceful about chilling out with the morning sun. The crisp cool air seeks to instill life in your soul while at the same time doing its best to take your breath away. The frozen ...
Thursday, August 25th
waiting for my ride Palawan, Western Visayas PH Pandan Island Honda Bay Puerto Princesa Palawan PHilippines boat water blue sky beach ocean beachead View photos from this member or from everyone coast seacoast shoreline shore seashore sea sand cluds mountain horizon boat powerboat outrigger wood clouds sky blue green honda bay philippines wowphilippines WorldWideLandscapes travel tourist mountain peaceful relax vacation trip

Set Sail for the Adventures That Lie Ahead

Life is full of adventures. Some are well planned and others come as a complete surprise. Regardless of how you got to the current adventure you are on, remember to treat each part of your life as an adventure. Every day you begin fresh and clean, ready to embark on another path, to chart your way to your next destination. ...
Thursday, August 25th
Light Years Theodore Roosevelt National Park North Dakota ND travel tourist USA United States of America tent View photos from this member or from everyone camping light years stars Milky Way night sky jupiter planets polution cottonwood trees little missouri river explore heavens night sky tree mother nature river bank twilight night evening campground close beautiful awesome

Sleeping Amongst the Stars

Camping itself is a wonderful experience. Being able to be so close to nature, to soak in the sights and sounds all around, to feel a closeness to the world around you...there's nothing quite like it. But I have to say, places like Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota allow you a camping trip like no other. It's like sleeping ...
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